Isn’t autumn the perfect moment to talk about change? Along with the weather, light shifts and everything green goes another way. Deciduous trees that have basked in the sun since spring give it all back now. They become torches with dangling embers and flames ready to spark the sky in swirls of colour. As humans, how do we read this, how can we take it all in? There is so much subtlety and glory altogether in these changes, so much mystery. Science has a few answers to explain what exactly is going on in these extraordinary ecological power plants. For the artist’s colour sensitive eye, trained to investigate and distinguish every nuance, even a walk in the park is quite a creative adventure in itself. Much to imbibe, wonder and ponder at. Perhaps no actual work will come directly out of it, but at a certain level, it will have nourished me all the way to the soul. In case I would enjoy playing some more, I won’t resist coming home with some treasures in my pocket, leaves, fruits, mossy twigs, along with a fresh and new reason to admire, deeply, sincerely, and to be infinitely grateful, for nature, for art, for life.