New Year, new (re)solutions

The transition between the old and new year went smoothly, glorious sun over the mountain tops allowed for beautiful ski tours on the sparkling alpine meadows. In the night fireworks ran the show. But since then, the sky fell and is still pouring over our heads. Back in town an army of grays rule over everything. Not so fun, unless you know how to escape and go for some more colorful adventures.

Colors have a taste, a scent, a texture, an emotion if not an life of their own. They are the heart and soul of creativity. To learn how how to use them is a wonderful game, one I have wanted to explore since I was big enough to hold and decide for anything.

There are so many points of entry, the theory, the exploration, the practice, how to chose a color, mix it, layer it, mess with it… We can easily get lost in front of the rainbow of solutions!

Let’s play along, why not hold a notebook for instance, choosing one color a day, exploring and studying all of it’s aspects and implications?