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No need to have ever held a pencil or a brush

Drawing & colour

Botanical art 

Initiation to trompe-l’oeil

Block printing & stencilling 



Painted objects & furniture


Ink wash techniques 


“All I thought of was making my colors sing” – Henri Matisse

From green to monochrome

There are moments in a life project where everything aligns perfectly. When you feel you are at the right spot at the right time. When who you are is well received and made use of.

The color of now

Colors have a taste, a scent, a texture, an emotion if not an life of their own. They are the heart and soul of creativity. To learn how how to use them is a fun game!

White lights

To a painter a white flower is a fascinating riddle, how indeed do you paint white on white without paraphrasing Kazimir Malevitch and his Suprematist Composition?

Flower power

Spring is a multidimensional experience. Light and colors, sounds, scents, moods, skies and landscapes... all possible threads of Nature are pulled and triggered.

Pink variation

Nature's concert season is starting in our hemisphere! Time so see (and sing!) La Vie en rose as an act of resistance to the days of doom and gloom.