What a wonderful week! I was so looking forward to this new workshop with the unique and irreplaceable Arianna Papini, a wonderful artist, author, illustrator and art therapist. It was her sixth online course this year, a year of living dangerously made more beautiful with these enchanted time capsules. Each time a different theme, born from the precedent, inviting us to explore ever further the mysteries of creativity, providing a wonderful playground for a safe exploration into the depths of our imagination. We get to try new techniques with as little directions as possible, so our creative self can have all the space to thrive. During the process we are guided and accompanied by supremely loving eyes. If the road gets bumpy, we will learn to shake self-doubt off and continue, pushed forward by our inner craving for joy and freedom. We will come back from the magic cave altogether exhausted and refreshed, enthused and somewhat wiser, our hands full of treasures to nurture our heart and soul.

Once again I could experience and somehow measure the tremendous healing power of art in our lives. Creativity is life intelligence in action. It takes actually very little to spark up the process. The simplest ingredients, clay, wood, wool, an ounce of love, a pound of work and a dash of imagination. The rest is trust in ourselves and letting go of fears and preconceptions. The company of other fellow artists is key, here again, you must believe in cross-pollination. The result will amaze you beyond words, and if you try, you will see how the journey pays for the time and efforts: a million times back!