A la carte courses

  • Courses in sessions of 2 hours, from 1 to 6 participants.
  • Private mentoring & online courses
  • Coaching for art students
  • Private groups & team building creativity events
  • Children workshops
  • Languages spoken: French, English, German, Italian.


An introduction to the basic principles of drawing: learn to watch and transcribe what you see without searching for perfection, choosing what talks to your heart. The next step is to translate the drawing from black and white into color. Learn about warm and cold palettes, complementaries that make your picture sing, colored shadows and so much more.


How to chose your subject and install it for painting purposes: photography, notes, observation and preparatory drawings, transfer to final paper and patient layering of color, learn all the tricks of the trade… A demanding but incredibly rewarding technique.



On fabric to decorate curtains, pillows, bags, table mats, napkins, aprons, scarves… or on paper to make your own wrapping art, gift cards, ex libris or any embellishment you could think of. A great tool also for illustration. Learn how to use traditional wooden blocks and carve some yourself with modern materials.


From maquette to realization, discover the steps to plan and execute a project big or small. Explore history of trompe-l’œil for examples and try recipes of faux-finishes; learn how to apply principles of color, composition and perpective and how to sculpt stunning volumes.


Discover a world of wonders and awaken your inner child. From books to cards, calendars, genealogical trees, menus and recipe books… the territory of illustration is inexhaustible. You will be introduced to many techniques and eventually create your own. A fun and unending adventure!


A very poetical technique with quite a history, from ancient China to the Pays d’En-Haut in Switzerland and contemporary artists, with an excursion in XVIIIth century England or Italy, there are quite a few sources of inspiration!


Immortalize your life journeys and enliven your day by creating a sketchbook; collect tokens of inspiration, drop and transform moments of discoveries and emotion. Travels, recipes, daily quotes, poetry, life events – big and small – anything can fit into these illustrated treasure boxes.